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I'm having a bad day, I'm not gonna lie.  I asked my Dad's friend to put some music on my ipod touch for me and now, as well as no music, all my pictures and videos are gone! I had over 500 images some of which from when the olympic torch relay down oxford street!
Anyway, I'm sitting in my bedroom now typing this and eating chocolate. I'm thinking about a lot of things-my own dog, Poppy, Nikita (read my story 'Nikita-if you love something-set it free if it comes back it was meant to be) and my ipod (of course). Now if your reading this, I'm gonna ask you to shut your eyes in a moment-but first I need to give you some instructions first. 1) Lie on a bed or flat surface. 2) After you close your eyes imagine yourself floating...drifting far away on the gentle waves.Rid yourself of any thoughts 2.5) Relaxing, right?! 3) When your ready and nice an calm imagine yourself as Tom Daley and dive of a 10 metre diving board-no, 20. DO NOT READ THE NEXT BIT UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU TO!!!!! 4) That last bit woke you up, didn't it?
Now, to finish off, I have a question for you. When you feel guilty, do you ask yourself why and do you talk about it? All I'm asking is for you to think about it. P.S: Next week's blog will be longer.

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