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Geek Girl

'Geek Girl' by Holly Smale. Very fun and interesting. I couldn't help put literally laugh out loud a few times but it still had a captivating plot. I hope great things (and more) stories will come from this author. I can't wait for the sequel 'Geek Girl is back!' 
Harriet is a geek. Officially. However, after being unexpectantly spotted at The Clothes Show in Birmingham she is suddenly thrown into the world of fashion and modeling. Its a world she knows nothing about-except for the fact it seems that she may be accidently stealing her best friend, Nat's, dream.
5 star story (or ten out of ten if you like!)


So its time for a new blog. No inspiration yet. Still stuck. I'll write a book review. If you want. Otherwise I might end up more boring than a boring person on boring tablets-lol! (thanks louise rennison-but i need more georgia nicholson!) To end off (yes,it is short but i have nothing to write) i would just like to say i really want this blog to be sucessful but i want its readers to get involved. Thank you.
Thank you for noticing this notice. Your noticeing of it has been recorded and will be reported to the authorities.


I love the experience project and couldn't wait another week to write another blog so I'm writing one now. I want to say I'm so happy about joining EP-I love reading other peoples' stories and writing up my own for other people to read. I like how I can ask questions to other EP users and answer others. I also love writing this blog. No-I haven't produced much yet but the ideas haven't started flowing. Thats where you-the wonderful reader comes in. If you read this blog, by using the comments area, give me some ideas of what to put in my next blog. If your idea is choosen I will tell you(once again-via the comments box) and thank you in the next blog. So think people, THINK!!!!
  I don't mind how creative and wacky the ideas are because crazy ideas are often the best ideas! Now you might think I'm lazy or something because I'm not thinking of my own ideas-however, I'm not being lazy, I just don'tknow what you, the delightful reader would like to read. I want this blog to be sucessful and I want your help to do it. I promise that I'll never claim an idea as my own unless it really was my own.
Moving on, have you had a party or a day out with friends recently? I think its important that you do as you may get socially bored if you don't. I HATE not keeping up with my friends and feel left out if I don't know something. Perhaps just going out for a catch up chat would be a good laugh to have with an old mate. Something to remember is that friends are friends by how much they know about you and how much they connect with you. Sometimes a new friend is better than an old friend, cherrywise, an old friend can be better than a new friend.
Well, good luck my loyal blog readers.May good things happen and the angels stay forever at your side. Thanks for reading.

My First Blog

I'm having a bad day, I'm not gonna lie.  I asked my Dad's friend to put some music on my ipod touch for me and now, as well as no music, all my pictures and videos are gone! I had over 500 images some of which from when the olympic torch relay down oxford street!
Anyway, I'm sitting in my bedroom now typing this and eating chocolate. I'm thinking about a lot of things-my own dog, Poppy, Nikita (read my story 'Nikita-if you love something-set it free if it comes back it was meant to be) and my ipod (of course). Now if your reading this, I'm gonna ask you to shut your eyes in a moment-but first I need to give you some instructions first. 1) Lie on a bed or flat surface. 2) After you close your eyes imagine yourself floating...drifting far away on the gentle waves.Rid yourself of any thoughts 2.5) Relaxing, right?! 3) When your ready and nice an calm imagine yourself as Tom Daley and dive of a 10 metre diving board-no, 20. DO NOT READ THE NEXT BIT UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU TO!!!!! 4) That last bit woke you up, didn't it?
Now, to finish off, I have a question for you. When you feel guilty, do you ask yourself why and do you talk about it? All I'm asking is for you to think about it. P.S: Next week's blog will be longer.

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